Monday, May 09, 2016

Store tells customers it will no longer accept boob or sock money

As summer time approaches, one business in Owensboro, Kentucky, is starting a new policy. No more sweaty money will be accepted. Management at Tobacco Road say that sometimes customers reach into their shoe, sock, or bra and hand over sweaty bills.

“Some of them like to bring me some soggy money," Cindy Collins, Tobacco Road manager, said. "They dig deep into their not 'so called pocket's to bring me some nasty money that we don't want to accept anymore."

Management recently placed a sign on the door that says cashiers will no longer be accepting boob or sock money. Collins says most customers pay the traditional way by pulling bills out of purses and wallets, but from now on the ones who don't will be turned away.

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"Money is nasty anyway, but we don't want to accept money that's sweaty or normally in places you wouldn't put money at,” said Collins. Collins says most customers are having a good laugh when they read the new policy. The store has seen an increase in business since the new policy has been put in place.

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