Wednesday, May 11, 2016

Three arrests made after trio of sheep spotted being driven around in back of people carrier

Three men were arrested following a police chase after three sheep were spotted in a Ford Galaxy in Yardley, Birmingham. Traffic officers spotted the unusual passengers being driven along in the early hours of Tuesday. The driver led police vehicles on a chase through nearby streets before ramming a parked car.

The suspects leapt out of the damaged car and fled but they were pursued by police, including a dog handler and the West Midlands Police force helicopter. And the officers’ determination paid off when three men were found hiding in nearby gardens – including one up a tree and another who had sneaked into a conservatory.

The men, Romanians aged 22, 27 and 28, were arrested on suspicion of theft. The lambs were recovered unhurt from the Galaxy and temporarily re-homed on a farm in Sheldon. Police are trying to discover where they were taken from so they can be returned to their owners.

Insp Paul Southern, of West Midlands Police, said: “It’s not every day we recover live stolen property, but the lambs seem none the worse for their adventure. We are now trying to trace where they came from and are asking farmers to check their flocks to see if they have any missing.” Anyone with information to help trace the owner of the sheep should call the police.

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Ratz said...

I love how in one photo the sheep's faces are blurred so you won't ba able to recognise them.