Tuesday, May 03, 2016

Woman wanted for stealing former tenant's dog named Isis took limousine to jail to turn herself in

Officials in Oregon say a woman wanted for taking her former tenant's dog named Isis following an unusual dispute took a limousine to the Marion County Court Annex to turn herself in. Police say it all began when Brooke Kempton decided to kick her tenant Kate Taylor out for "being disrespectful" late last month.

Taylor moved out of the home the day she was asked to leave and sold her horses that were being boarded at Kempton's mother's house as part of the rental agreement. Last Tuesday morning, police say Kempton went to Taylor's dad's house to confront the 61-year-old man.

She told Kevin Taylor that his daughter stole two saddles from her, and she was going to take Taylor's dog named Isis until she got her saddles back. Kevin Taylor then jumped on the running boards of Kempton's truck in an attempt to stop her, but police say instead of stopping, she accelerated and threw Kevin Taylor from the truck. He injured his hand and wrist.

Deputies say they were able to make contact with Kempton who agreed to turn herself in at the Marion County Jail on Friday. Kempton pulled up to the jail in a limousine and turned herself in about 10 minutes later. The location of Isis the dog is still unknown, and deputies say Kempton refused to say where it was. She was arrested on charges of theft and robbery.

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