Wednesday, June 01, 2016

Butcher accidentally made a 20-metre-long sausage

A butcher in Derbyshire has accidentally made a 20-metre-long-sausage.

Safa Yilmaz, who works at Barry Fitch butchers in Little Eaton was making sausages when the Old English sausage he was making "kept getting longer".

"The maximum length of this type of sausage is around five metres and this one is over 20 metres long," Mr Yilmaz said. "I was making sausages and it just came out like this, it wasn't intentional. It's the biggest one I have ever seen and I'm really proud of it."

Mr Yilmaz has been a butcher for eight years said his boss, Mr Fitch has been a butcher "all his life" and has never seen anything like it either. "We couldn't believe it, it is really quite impressive," he said. "It's all perfect as well, it's all the same size and thickness all the way through."


Hught said...

Looks like a sausage fest today!

Anonymous said...

I never sausage a thing!


(Yeah, old, OLD joke.)