Saturday, June 11, 2016

Firefighters saved pig's bacon after she got stuck in river

A pig named Dorothy that got stuck in a river was rescued by firefighters on Thursday morning. Crews from Bodmin and St Austell in Cornwall were called to Mill Lane in Grampound at 7.40am after the animal became trapped in the River Fal.

Dorothy had to be sedated by a vet before the crews used specialist rescue equipment to pull her out of the river to safety. A Cornwall Fire and Rescue spokesperson said: "One appliance from St Austell along with specialist appliances from St Austell and Bodmin attended an incident where a pig had got stuck in a river.

"Crews working with the vet in attendance used line rescue gear and successfully rescued the pig." It is thought the animal fell from the field into the river. One of the firefighters on scene said: "This was quite a difficult incident to deal with because of the size of the animal, which required the use of Bodmin's heavy rescue equipment to lift poor Dorothy out of her predicament.

"Dorothy was especially cranky (as we are sure anyone would be given the the situation!) and she put up a good struggle before a vet was able to sedate her, allowing crews to successfully lift her to safety. Once set free, she quickly found a quiet area in the sun to let the sedative take effect and is no doubt still sleeping it off!"

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