Tuesday, June 28, 2016

Homeless charity reveals bizarre donations to their shops

A homeless charity has told of the weird donations they receive at their shops across Scotland. A mummified cat, 40 blue plastic pigeons and sack of creepy severed doll’s heads with their eyelids glued shut or painted black are among donations left to Shelter Scotland.

The charity has now released a list of items that they are accepting and items they don’t want because of the weird and wonderful donations, including a bag packed with 30 pairs of dirty pants which they say they receive across all their stores. Across Scotland the charity has had donated a china doll with a lock of human hair glued under its clothes in Edinburgh and a dominatrix set, equipped with several masks, nipple clamps, whips and handcuffs in Paisley.

Alison Watson, deputy director of Shelter Scotland, said: “Our supporters have donated some wonderful items over the years that have raised funds for our vital work. There are times however when we open the donations sacks and are left flabbergasted by what we find. My personal favourite was the china doll as it had obviously been someone’s treasured possession before it was donated to us, as was the mummified cat.

“We welcome all donations, within reason, and some of the more interesting items are certainly conversation starters with our customers. We’re sometimes pleasantly surprised by what some people actually buy. Whatever the donation, every penny we raise through our shops goes towards our fight to end homelessness and ensure that everyone in Scotland has a safe, secure and affordable place to call home.”

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