Monday, June 06, 2016

Hunt for naked man who attacked woman's dog and brother

A man and a dog were attacked on Friday morning by a naked man in the parking lot of a hotel in south Kansas City, Missouri.

Police were called to the Days Inn & Suites at about 10:30am. A woman said that she was inside the hotel checking in while her brother and her dog were in the parking lot. She said she noticed a man sitting in a truck.

She said somebody suddenly screamed that a naked man was swinging the dog around by its leash. The woman said she came out and saw the man, and noticed her brother was lying on the ground.

YouTube link.

She said her brother had been knocked out and was bleeding. He was rushed to a hospital. Witnesses said the dog broke free and ran across a field into a wooded area. The dog is still missing. Police are still looking for the attacker, who fled the area.

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shak said...

What a completely random thing to happen.