Monday, June 13, 2016

'Incognito Bandits' arrested in connection with spate of bank robberies

The Phoenix Police Department and the FBI Bank Robbery Task Force arrested two bank robbery suspects who are believed to be the "Incognito Bandits."

Michael Schultz Sr., 47 and Michelle Keller, 48, were arrested by police officers in Phoenix, Arizona, on Thursday. The two were suspects in a bank robbery that occurred earlier that day.

A few days before the latest robbery, law enforcement placed a GPS tracker on a vehicle matching the description of one used in previous incidents. Phoenix tactical teams were at a home in north Phoenix on Thursday night.

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The bomb squad was on scene as a precaution. The two suspects have been charged in a criminal complaint, filed in federal court. The "Incognito Bandits" are linked to at least six bank robberies in the area that started on March 4.

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