Sunday, June 05, 2016

Man accused of carjacking before going on milk and cookies stealing spree

A Florida man allegedly went on an unusual crime spree that began with a crash and ended with stolen milk and cookies.

Deputies say Robert Smith carjacked a woman at the Murphy Express gas station in Mulberry, Polk County, telling her "have a f*cking good day!" as he shoved her from her car, then went on a shoplifting spree.

During questioning, he allegedly confessed that he had crashed into another car after speeding through Lakeland at 100mph. He said he didn't remember much of what happened next.

However, he did admit to carjacking the woman and then stealing milk and cookies from several different gas stations. Smith also said he planned on "robbing every dope dealer in Lakeland to teach them a lesson." The 43-year-old is charged with one count of carjacking without a firearm.

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