Sunday, June 12, 2016

Man to sell his collection of 10 million beer bottle caps to raise money for family in need

An Austrian man is to sell his collection of 10 million beer bottles caps to raise money for a family in need. Hans Heiland collected the bottles caps over five years and will now sell them to raise money for a family who had recently lost a family member.

“The family suffered a loss in January, the husband died of a heart attack at only 32 and there are three very small children here. The family has also recently bought a house and therefore has significant debt so I thought I would donate the project,” said Heiland.

Heiland first had the idea of collecting beer bottle tops when he went to a festival. “I noticed that so much was being thrown away and decided I was going to start collecting for a good cause,” said Heiland. He started with only a few hundred bottles caps but now has 10 million. He started receiving them from all over Austria and Germany, once word of his plans started circulating.

As the collection now weighs several tons, he stopped collecting more bottle caps in mid May. He will now sell them to a scrap dealer for €1,500. First they will be displayed at a benefit performance during a summer night festival organised by the volunteer fire department in Oberholz, a town in the district of Amstetten. The money raised from the bottle caps will then be donated to the family in need.

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