Sunday, July 10, 2016

Charges dropped against man who barricaded council leader's home with wheelie bins

A man from Brentford, west London, accused of harassment over wheelie bin protest outside the home of Hounslow's council leader has had his case dropped. Paul Slattery of Brentford, was due to stand trial on Tuesday in relation to a demonstration which took place outside Hounslow councillor Steve Curran’s home at the end of last year.

Around two dozen protesters had blockaded Cllr Curran’s Brentford home by stacking their new and unwanted wheelie bins outside his front door, on November 19 last year. However the case was dropped by the Crown Prosecution Service due to lack of evidence, a day before the trial was due to begin.

The 65-year-old rock photographer, who has photographed bands such as the Smiths and Oasis, was identified as one of the protesters and charged with harassment of a person in their own home. Mr Slattery has previously slammed Cllr Curran for “overreacting” to a “humorous protest”, while Cllr Curran stated he felt “harassed” and threatened”.

Cllr Curran said: “The CPS has decided not to proceed further with this case which was due to be held in court. Clarification as to the reasons for this decision are being sought as it was the CPS who decided to take this to court in the first place. While I firmly believe in the right to protest, myself and my family felt threatened outside our home and that is why I called 999. I believe anyone faced with similar circumstances would act in the same way.”

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Anonymous said...

Wheelie bins wouldn't have scared me. Now if these (as I at first glance thought they were) had been porta-potties, _then_ I would have been scared.