Sunday, July 10, 2016

Couple surprised to find a koala lounging on their sofa

A couple returned to their a coastal house in New South Wales, Australia, to find a koala sitting on the sofa in their living room in front of a heater.

Port Stephens residents Vicki Haines and her partner Michelle Goodman found the furry intruder on Tuesday night when they arrived home. "Michelle was the first inside and she started yelling out 'there's a koala on the couch!'"

Ms Haines said. "Our dog was going crazy. It was pretty cute, it was just sitting right in front of the heater where I usually sit with the dog." It is believed the young male koala got inside through the doggie door.

Hunter Koala Preservation Society care and rescue coordinator Simone Aurino was called to relocate the mischievous marsupial. The koala, dubbed Tuff Bugger, was microchipped and peacefully released back into the wild.

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