Sunday, July 10, 2016

Dozens of live crabs spotted on New York subway

A wiggling mass of live crabs were spotted riding an N train through three boroughs of New York last weekend.

The crowd of crustaceans was caught on camera by 24-year-old Brian Slepian, who came across the crabs at around 10:45pm.

The crabs then took the train through Manhattan to Queens, where they were spotted at around midnight by 24-year-old Shawn Petcaugh. He said that he was heading home when the subway car rolled up emanating a “horrid smell.” Petcaugh estimated that there were around 50 crabs. “How? Why?” he said.

YouTube link.

The fate of the crabs, as well as how they ended up in the subway in the first place, is unknown, but one man apparently tried to save them by throwing water on them. “He came on the train after I did and, in a psychotic attempt to help the crabs, threw a litre of water on to the floor,” Slepian said. The MTA had no comment on the story.

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