Sunday, July 24, 2016

Hungry and dehydrated stork wandered into pharmacy

A ravenous and dehydrated stork wandered into a pharmacy in the town of Herzogenaurach, Bavaria, Germany. on Monday. It is now being nursed back to health in a zoo in Nuremberg. Pharmacists at the Beyschlagsche Apotheke were surprised when the unusual customer walked through the door at about midday.

After leaving its nest on the roof of the pharmacy, the hungry young bird had been traipsing up and down the high street for a few hours. Bypassing all the other shops, it finally entered the pharmacy, to the astonishment of owner Gabriele Sehring-Castelli and colleague Heike Wenisch. The famished and dehydrated stork was probably seeking “refuge”, as well as food and drink, Gabriele Sehring-Castelli said.

After giving it a watering can full of water, the pharmacists “left it in peace”, the owner went on to say. However, it subsequently became apparent that the stork “couldn’t fly and needed help”, Sehring-Castelli added. A stork expert was then notified about the wandering bird, which was missing several feathers. The most likely reason for the stunted growth of the stork’s feathers is that a few weeks after the bird had hatched, the weather was too cold and wet.

In these conditions, the feathers wouldn't have been able to form properly, ornithologist Michael Zimmermann said. “We have already had this problem a dozen times this year.” It appears the unfortunate bird had not been fed by its parents because it was incapable of flying. But things are now looking up for the meandering stork. The specialist took it to the Nuremberg Zoo on Tuesday, where it is currently being looked after. Its missing feathers should grow naturally within the next year or so.

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Nobby said...

Hello, is that the stork expert?


Good. I've got a big stork in my shop but it's very weak. I lift it up and it just flops straight back down again and it's not interested in any of the tasty titbits I've laid out in front of it.

Have you tried Viagra?

Are you sure you're an expert?

Yes, just a little joke we stork experts use to break the ice when confronted with an unlikely amount of double meanings, which happens more often than the statistics might suggest.

Well don't do it. This is serious.

OK, don't get in a flap about it.