Thursday, July 14, 2016

Speeding motorist arrested for wearing a light on to his head instead of having vehicle headlights

A member of the Guelph Police traffic division in Ontario, Canada, was operating a radar on Gordon Street in the area of the Springfield Golf Course on Monday. Gordon Street at this location is a 70 km/h zone and with no artificial lighting on this stretch of road. It is in total darkness in the absence of traffic.

At 10:21pm the officer observed what appeared to be a bicycle light south of his location and that light appeared to be moving in a northbound direction. As the object approached the location of the parked police vehicle, the shape of a motor vehicle became identifiable and it was evident that it was travelling well in excess of the speed limit.

The officer activated the radar unit and obtained a speed reading of 108 km/h in the 70 km/h zone. As the motor vehicle passed the officer, it was noted that it had no working exterior lights (including headlights and tail lights). A traffic stop was conducted, the officer approached that motor vehicle and found the driver to be wearing a L.E.D. “headlamp” on his forehead.

It was that single battery operated “headlamp” shining through the front windshield that was first observed by the officer. A 35-year-old Guelph man has been charged with speeding and operate unsafe vehicle under the Highway Traffic Act. He will appear in the Guelph provincial offences court in September. The license plates were removed from the motor vehicle due to its’ unsafe condition and it was towed from the scene.

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