Saturday, August 06, 2016

Council criticised for organising course on ‘how to wear a scarf’

Northamptonshire County Council insists a new course teaching people “how to wear scarves” is “very popular” - though some have labelled it is a waste of time. The authority was advertising for people to attend the three-hour class which is titled “Discover How To Wear Scarves Effectively”.

The course, which is due to run on November 3 at Abington Bowling Club, costs £24.60 per person. In the advert on the council’s website, now surprisingly removed, but still available via Google cache, the authority says the event has been designed to teach participants “how to wear scarves more effectively for their personal style.”

Learners will also “discover different ways to tie and wear scarves” as well as “understand how scarves can make a difference to your outfit and proportions.” It also adds that pupils can learn to “practice a variety of ways to tie scarves using knots, twists, loops and folds”. Danielle Westwood said: “I don’t understand why the council are wasting time and resources on something as pointless as this.

“It’s just absurd. Why can’t people look online to see how to put a scarf on?” Steven Tolley added: “No one in their right mind would pay £25 to learn how to put a scarf on. Adult learning courses can be very helpful, but this course is just a joke.” A Northamptonshire County Council spokesman has dismissed the criticism, adding that it is actually “very popular.”

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