Wednesday, August 10, 2016

Council criticised over 'bonkers' parking bays that leave road too narrow for cars to drive down

New parking areas on a street in Devon have left the road unusable by not leaving enough room for a car to drive down the centre.

The new parking bays mean that if the roadside parking is full, there is only enough room left on the road for a motorbike to pass through, but not a car.

The parking scheme in Cross Park Avenue, Plymouth, has been branded 'bonkers' by local residents who have been left wondering how they will be able to use the road. One resident said: "It's totally bonkers.

YouTube link.

"We need to park, but people also need to be able to use the road too." The new scheme means the centre of the road is only a few feet wide, leaving the road totally unusable for cars to pass if the bays are filled. Plymouth City Council has been approached for comment.

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