Thursday, August 04, 2016

Golfers threw punches in dispute over slow play

Golf is usually a game associated with courtesy and manners, but that wasn't the case when a fight broke out at the Fossil Trace Golf course in Golden, Colorado. Obscene language could be heard throughout the dispute.

"I couldn't believe it was happening,” said witness Kevin Hu. He was with some golfing friends on the 10th hole when they saw some fellow golfers enraged on the 18th. Hu thinks the group in the lead may be have moving too slowly for the other group following behind. "It's a golf course man. It's golf.

"You like hit a ball into a little hole and drive around in a cart and you have a couple beers that's what you do." The brawl was over soon after it started, ending with a handshake. Police were never called to the scene. An official from the golf course said: "As a premier golf course in Colorado, Fossil Trace does not condone the actions recently taken by a pair of players.

Videos contain NSFW language.

YouTube link. Original Instagram video. Additional Instagram video.

"The golf management was made aware of the situation shortly thereafter but those involved had already left without further incident. The actions of these two players are certainly not indicative of our guests from around the world. Our award-winning reputation for creating an extraordinary golf experience is on display each and every day at Fossil Trace Golf Club."

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