Wednesday, August 03, 2016

Reckless endangerment charge for teacher who deflated tyre of student's car parked in his space

A teacher has been charged with reckless endangerment after letting the air out of a tyre on a student’s car.

52-year-old Edward Kimble IV, of Newtown, Connecticut, turned himself into police custody on Monday morning.

Kimble is accused of letting the air out of the front tyre of the student’s vehicle back on June 2nd. The student’s vehicle was parked in Kimble’s parking space at at Pomeraug High School in Southbury.

Police say that school security allowed the student to park in the teacher’s space because the student parking area was unavailable. Kimble was released from custody after posting a $500 cash bond. He is due to appear in Waterbury court on August 10th.


Anonymous said...

1. reckless endangerment for a deflated tire???
2. I so want to know the story behind that

Shak said...

If the person drove off without realizing that the tired was deflated then there was a real chance that the car could crash. I've driven off on a tired that was slashed and didn't realize it. It was a small car.