Monday, August 29, 2016

Teenager on the run requested that the media used a 'better photo' of her

A teenager on the run from police in Australia asked a TV station to use a 'better photo' of her when reporting her escape. Amy Sharp is alleged to have broken out of a police station in Sydney before running away.

As is fairly standard practice, police issued a statement accompanied by two photographs they had taken of the 18-year-old in a bid to find the youngster. But the search took an unexpected turn when the pictures and police statement were uploaded onto Sydney's 7 News Facebook page. The first person to comment on the story and the photos was Ms Sharp herself.

Clearly unhappy with how she looked in the police mugshots, in which she wore a glum expression and a red blanket draped over her shoulders, she uploaded a more flattering shot in the comments section of the page with a simple request: "Can you use this photo please, and thank you. Yours truly, Amy Sharp xx" The comment was accompanied with a smiling emoji with a halo.

Police said that Ms Sharp was in the Surry Hills Corrective Services Cell Complex when she fled from staff and was last seen running away. Police did not consider her a risk to members of the public saying she had been in custody for property offences. She was later caught in Wentworth Park, not far from where she allegedly escaped. She has now been charged with escaping lawful custody.

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