Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Burglars left behind notes for homeowner telling them what they had stolen and why

Thieves who stole from a home in south west Houston, Texas, left behind two notes telling the homeowner what they had stolen and why. One note read: "I stole your stuff because my brother told me to." The other listed things that were taken.

Joseph Alvarado said the intruders got in on Monday afternoon after jumping his fence, then kicking in his back door which he now has to get replaced.When they came into his home, he says they grabbed a Playstation and its controllers, then went upstairs, took his daughter's laptop and rifled through more stuff. Joseph's daughter got home first and noticed the front door was open.

They later found the notes which he says were scrawled in child's handwriting with numerous misspellings. "It's just heart-wrenching to read that stuff," Alvarado said. "It is super hard just to know that this is somebody that made the wrong choice. Somebody decided to kick open somebody's door, break some items and take some stuff and thought that was a good choice."

Alvarado says he's racking his brain to think who might have done this. He says the notes are especially painful for him to read because he's a special education teacher who deals with middle-school aged kids. "I deal with kids all the time who make bad choices and this happened to be … I'm at the result of it," he added. Alvarado has filed a police report and says he's beefing up his security system. He says the whole incident is an enormous invasion of his privacy.

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Anonymous said...

I don't know how it is in the U.K., but here in the U.S., many homes were built with back doors that had windows. Because the back doors were often off the utility room, noise at the back door was often not heard. A person breaks a window pane, reaches in and undoes the door lock, and they're in. A door like that is akin to putting up a sign, "We're stupid. Break in here."

Goes without saying that the back door was one of the first things replaced in the house the spouse & I bought.


arbroath said...

Yes, back doors in the UK traditionally have windows, also.