Tuesday, September 06, 2016

Cat missing after taking a nap in bed delivery van

A family are distraught after their lazy cat went missing when he went for a nap in a mattress delivery van. Yogi, five, was seen on CCTV hopping into a Bensons for Beds delivery van, where he is thought to have fallen asleep. Unaware of their new passenger the van drivers set off from the home in Gravesend, Kent, to another stop in the Kent town before heading to Rochester and then Dartford.

It is unclear where Yogi has ended up but his owners, Steph and Tom Giffard, are now desperate to find him. Steph, 28, said: “We don’t know where to start. We’re going to put more posters up in Gravesend in the hope he ended up there. “It’s about a mile away, but if he stayed in the van because he was scared he could be anywhere.

“He could have got comfortable in the van because there were other mattresses in there.” The cheeky cat is known to frequent neighbours’ houses for dinner so that was the family’s first port of call when they realised Yogi was missing. “He’s very friendly with the neighbours and everyone knows him because he goes round all the time.” Steph decided to check her CCTV footage and saw him jump in the van. “The drivers then move the mattress around and shut the door,” said Steph.

The cat jumps in just after the 50 second mark.

YouTube link.

“When I saw that I just burst into tears.” Steph, Tom and their two children two-year-old Sophie and three-month-old Lucie feel incomplete without their beloved pet. Steph added: “He’s microchipped and has a collar with a name tag but if people see a well fed cat with a collar they might not think he’s lost. He is very missed by his brothers, Tiger and Marble, and our two little girls.” She has spoken to Bensons for Beds, who were delivering a new mattress, but have been told that the drivers did not see a cat in the van.

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