Sunday, September 04, 2016

Controversy over giant dog poo on top of bus shelter

A giant plastic dog poo on a bus shelter in Montreal, Canada, meant to remind owners to clean up after their pets, is in poor taste, according to a city councillor. The oversized excrement, complete with circling flies, sits on top of a bus shelter at the southern edge of Dorchester Square.

It's part of a $700,000 cleanliness campaign by the City that includes videos, billboards, and street performances. The message is: your waste has a bigger impact than you think. "Every year we do the same campaign with traditional communications," said Anie Samson, member of the city's executive committee.

"This year we decided to go further and make it more punchy." If it strikes some people as going too far, that's the point, Samson said. "It's a way to sensitise people: this is what happens when you litter. We need people to react and make city cleaner," she said. However, Craig Sauvé, a city councillor for the Southwest borough with the opposition Projet Montréal, says the ad is in bad taste.

"I feel this misses the mark. They want to shock and they did shock," he said. "How will this appear to tourists, why is it in front of a historic park we just renovated?" Samson said the city will assess whether the campaign worked later in the year.

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Anonymous said...

I will say this: It's too clever by half. The people who should be getting the point of the display will NOT be getting the point of the display.

Also, it's not a very good likeness of dog poop.