Thursday, September 01, 2016

Couple banned from climbing mountains in Nepal for 10 years after faking ascent of Everest

Nepal has imposed a 10-year mountaineering ban on two climbers who claimed to be the first Indian couple to have climbed Everest, officials say. A government investigation concluded on Monday that photographs purporting to show the pair at the top of the world's highest mountain were faked. Officials say the ban is intended to deter other climbers from making spurious and dishonest claims. The pair's claims to have reached the peak in May were queried by climbers.

They argued that photos showing Dinesh and Tarakeshwari Rathod at the summit were obviously doctored. Nepal's tourism department initially certified their ascent but has now rescinded that decision after conducting an investigation. Tourism department chief Sudarshan Prasad Dhakal said that an analysis of photos submitted by Mr and Mrs Rathod revealed they had superimposed themselves and their flag on photos taken by another Indian climber who conquered Everest.

"Despite several attempts to get clarifications from them, they did not co-operate with us during the investigation. The two Sherpas that assisted them are also absconding," Mr Dhakal said. "The ban should serve as a warning for mountaineers to follow ethics." Mr and Mrs Rathod, who work as police constables in the western Indian city of Pune, in July denied the claims, as did the guides who climbed with them.

But a climber based in the southern Indian city of Bangalore, Satyarup Sidhantha, later said that the photographs presented by the Rathods as "proof" of their climb actually belonged to him. Suspicions were further aroused because of the time lag between the day the Rathods claimed to have reached the summit and their news conference announcing their achievement. It was alleged that the couple could not possibly have reached the summit so soon after they were seen to have arrived at the base camp, and that the photos appeared to show them in two different sets of clothes and boots while on the climb.


Anonymous said...

Sorry if this offends anyone, but I have recently discovered that the people who climb Mount Everest are the biggest arseholes on the planet. They will literally walk past someone who is weak and dying and just leave them there. How low can humans get when getting to the top of a stupid mountain is more important than stopping to help someone. Sure they knew what they were in for, but still, that's pretty low.

Anonymous said...

Anon: Climbing a mountain is the most physically demanding thing you can do. It's harder to walk at altitude than it is to lift weights at sea level. Your muscles cry out for oxygen and it simply isn't there. You need supplementary oxygen at altitude or you die. If you try to help someone who is in difficulty, you will die. It sounds cold but it's true.