Friday, September 30, 2016

'Disco Baba' danced at police station after his arrest for alleged fraud

An alleged conman, known as ‘Disco Baba’, who was arrested for duping people out of money with claims of extraordinary powers, entertained police and government officials with his dancing skills at a police station in Hyderabad, India, on Tuesday. Dressed in white, ‘Disco Baba’ danced as they looked on.

The man, Anwarullah Khan, was arrested following a complaint by Syed Iftekar Hussain, who accused him of taking Rs 35 lakhs (£39,000, $50,000) to perform a ceremony with a promise of turning his bad fortune around. Khan then handed over gold-polished biscuits and diamonds to Hussain, claiming they were real.

However, later on, Hussain became suspicious and found that they were fake gold and diamonds and that Khan had duped him. Khan, who also says he is a Unani doctor, allegedly has a number of fraud cases registered against him across several police stations. Later, the Charminar Member of Legislative Assembly (MLA), Syed Ahmed Pasha Quadri, visited the police station.

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The legislator asked 35-year-old Khan why he was wearing a disco outfit. Khan replied that he was a disco dancer and performed stage shows at functions. The MLA asked Khan to prove that he really was a disco dancer. Khan then performed a disco dance to Bollywood songs in the presence of the MLA and the police officers.

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