Sunday, September 11, 2016

Football match interrupted by pitch-invading koala

A football match in Queensland, Australia, was rudely interrupted by a koala who ran onto the pitch mid game.

The drama unfolded during the Friday night match between the Woombye Snakes and Kawana Force, in the division three men's grand final in Noosa. The little creature then had to be escorted off the pitch by a very patient number 4 Kawana "Banana Army" Force player who kept running behind it it to move it along.

Apparently unhappy of being robbed of his time in the floodlights, the koala stopped several times before the player gave it a gentle pat on the backside to hurry it along. Even after being escorted off the field, the koala kept trying to run back onto the pitch. At one stage, the bear was within a metre of the action before having to be put over the fence.

The koala pitch invasion occurred at about 10.30pm at the Girraween Sports complex at Eenie Creek. Woombye managed to keep Kawana to just one goal at half time before levelling the score at full time. The game, which did not finish until about 11.20pm, went into extra time before Kawana won in a penalty shootout.

With video of the pitch invasion.

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