Wednesday, September 21, 2016

Helicopter destroyed after run-in with a cow

Police are investigating the crash of a Robinson R22 Beta mustering helicopter, after its pilot allegedly struck a cow whilst herding cattle.

It is believed that the rails underneath the helicopter got tangled up in the cow's horns on a Coen Cattle Station in Queensland, Australia, on Sunday, causing the chopper to lose balance.

Police from Coen were called to the incident just after 2.40pm with reports the helicopter had crashed onto a road 15km south of Coen. As a result of the rough landing the helicopter caught fire and was totally destroyed.

The Rural Fire Service attended the crash site and extinguished the aircraft. The pilot a 35-year-old Richmond man walked away from the crash without any injury. The cow also escaped injury and lived to roam another day.


Anonymous said...

The cow, later, to her buddies:

"I hope you all were watching. That's how you take these buggers down!"


Ratz said...

Hooray, I'm always pleased to read articles that includes things like the cow's status.