Friday, September 16, 2016

Iguana in a sulk after removal following three months living 30ft up a tree

An escapee iguana that spent three months living 30ft (9m) up a tree in Pakefield, near Lowestoft, Suffolk, has been plucked from his lofty perch by a cherry-picker. 5ft-long (1.5m) iguana, Frank the Tank was finally retrieved by a company called Froggy Hire, but was in a sulk and "sat and glared" at those who tried to feed him.

Jason Cook, who owns cherry-picking firm Froggy Hire, used heavy duty gloves and a duvet to capture fugitive Frank after being persuaded into rescuing him by his 15-year-old daughter Kaitlin. "I've done plenty of odds and sods in my time, but I've never rescued an iguana before," he said. "I couldn't just leave him there.

"Even if I didn't want to rescue him, my daughter would have made me do it anyway." Local resident Angela Hills stored Frank in her shed while people phoned around to find a new home for him. "I had no idea reptiles could sulk but he just wouldn't eat, I gave him a leaf to eat and he just sat and glared at me," she said.

"We will actually really miss him, people still look up at the tree, and it's a really nice community thing ... but he wouldn't have survived outside when it gets colder," she said. Frank has now been rehomed at a nearby petting zoo. "He's not been the happiest of boys - he's had three months of freedom, and now he's back in a vivarium," said owner of Zoo-Tastic, Alison Gregory. "It's the biggest one we've got and he's got freedom within the room."

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