Friday, September 30, 2016

Intruder found shaving his head in couple's bathroom wanted a hug

A woman from Keizer, Oregon, says that she and her husband walked in on an intruder shaving his head in their bathroom. Pat Koskela, 64, said the encounter only got stranger from there. She said the suspect, Erica Avila, 39, did not make any threats as he held one of her husband's disposable razors in his hand, and that he was actually quite talkative, even affectionate. But she said she had to ask him to leave repeatedly. Koskela was home alone at around 5:45pm on Tuesday at her house. "I was in the bedroom in there working on the computer and my husband was at the store," said Koskela.

She said she heard her two dogs barking loudly but thought they were just yapping at her husband, John. After a few minutes, Koskela looked up and saw her husband outside the bedroom door, which is right next to the bathroom. "I said, 'Have you been home for about five minutes?' He goes, 'No,' and then he looks at me," Koskela said. "He has this really funny face and he goes, 'Who's your friend?' and I go, 'What?' so that's when we realised somebody was here." Police identified that somebody as Avila.

Koskela said Avila was shaving his head without shaving cream and they quickly realised he was a stranger. "He was rambling on about, 'Well, I know somebody that used to live here and I want to buy this place' and just a bunch of stuff," Koskela said. She believes Avila broke open an outside gate and came in through a sliding glass door, which she'd left open for her dogs while she was in her bedroom. Koskela said she and her husband were cordial with Avila and he wasn't threatening, but for a while he just wouldn't leave. "Every time we start to suggest that he leave or open the door, whatever," Koskela said, "he'd ask my husband another question."

Eventually, she said she put her foot down and threatened to call 911. "I said I need you to leave now and then he started to go," Koskela said. "He actually wanted to hug me before he left and I said, 'I'm not comfortable with that either.'" Koskela said after Avila left they called the police. Officers arrived and arrested Avila about a half-mile away. He faced a judge over a burglary charge in the case on Wednesday. Court records show Avila was previously found guilty of methamphetamine possession three times. Deputies at the Marion County Jail said they had to wait several hours before taking a new mug shot of him because was uncooperative and he appeared high. Koskela added that even without shaving cream, Avila didn't cut himself shaving.

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