Friday, September 23, 2016

Motorists urged to slow down for drunk students

Motorists driving through the student-heavy areas of Leeds, Yorkshire, have been warned to lower their speeds to avoid knocking down potentially drunk and vulnerable young people during “freshers’ week” in the city.

The warning was issued by Gary Roper, road policing support sergeant for West Yorkshire Police, who said: “We have had the influx of students in Headingley, where the roads have a 30mph speed limit.

“But while there are students about who might be intoxicated, 30mph might not be appropriate. The best way I would put it is that people should be aware of merry revellers associated with freshers’ week.

“They can be drunk and can be vulnerable as they walk across the road.” Thousands of students have been arriving in Leeds in the past few days to take part in freshers’ week activities before they start their studies at the city’s three universities.

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