Tuesday, September 13, 2016

Neighbours unhappy about mysterious derelict dome house

A mysterious derelict dome home in the Lilydale suburb of Melbourne, Australia, is driving neighbours mad but the local council says it can’t do anything about the abandoned property. Retirees Alex and Phyllis Murphy say they are fed up living next to the “eyesore”.

Mr Murphy said the view from the couple’s home was dominated by the two deteriorating space age structures and the site was overgrown and rat-infested. “We’re at our wit’s end,” Mr Murphy said. “You can’t live next to these two ugly, large plastic domes.” Mr Murphy said the domes’ plastic windows peered straight into his bedroom and he had been told by a real estate agent that the ugly structure would knock thousands off his home’s value.

The couple and their neighbours say they’ve battled for years to get the domes demolished but Yarra Ranges Council, which issued a planning permit for the building in 2006, said it had no jurisdiction over the property. Director of social and economic development Ali Wastie said a council inspection showed no evidence of rats at the site or safety risks and the building’s future was now a matter for the owner.

Mr Murphy said he had complained to the Victorian Building Authority, but nothing had been done. Authority spokesman John Rees said the private building surveyor which issued a building permit for the structures had issued a building notice to the owner a year ago asking why the building should not be demolished, but no further action had been taken. The council confirmed it had reported complaints to the building surveyor which had agreed to issue a new building notice to the owner. The building surveyor did not comment.


Ratz said...

Personally I think they look great. I'd love a dome on the side of my house. Hell, I'd like two. Gah! If anyone wants me, I'll be in the angry-dome.

arbroath said...

I think it looks great.

Admittedly it's a bit rundown, but I like it.

Barbwire said...

I think it would be great to live next to it.