Thursday, September 22, 2016

Python that ate baby antelope heavier than itself detained until it digests its dinner

A 20-foot long python was seen swallowing a baby nilgai (antelope) in Junagadh district of Gujarat, India.

The authorities of the Girnar Wildlife Sanctuary, Junagadh, were informed about the python by a farmer, who first noticed it. "Pythons roam around the wildlife sanctuary and they are rarely seen.

"We got a telephonic message of a farmer that a python has swallowed a big animal. We sent a rescue team immediately and found that a python has swallowed a baby antelope," said Assistant Conservator of Forest S.D. Tilala.

YouTube link.

Tilala said they would release the python soon after it digests the antelope. "It was 18-20 feet long. We have transported the animal to some other place so that it does not injure other people. We will keep it under observation. When it will digest the antelope, we will release the python in the forest," he added.

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