Wednesday, September 14, 2016

Three thousand bees blessed at church service

Every year animal lovers take their beloved pets to a church service near Retford, Nottinghamshire, to get them blessed, but this year saw an unusual inclusion.

One churchgoer took a hive full of bees to the service at St Peter's Church, Hayton, and sat them on a pew to enjoy proceedings. The hive numbered 3,000 bees in total, but the church said it wasn't practical to bless each bee individually.

An array of animals, mainly dogs and cats, and their owners turned out to the service led by Rev. Mark Cantrill, and some joined in with the hymns with a chorus of barking. And someone was on hand at all times with a mop and bucket to ensure there were no unfortunate accidents.

The service saw the Reverend deliver three hymns, all with an animal theme, and then individually bless each animal, apart from the individual bees, in attendance. St Peter's Church secretary Elizabeth Powell said that in previous years they have had rabbits, hamsters, a chicken and a horse. "It all went very well, it was a lovely service," she said.

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Ratz said...

Hah, I'm not a god-botherer, but that's a nice touch.