Sunday, October 16, 2016

Alleged armed robbery suspect later sent an apology text

A car salesman was allegedly held at gunpoint by a customer who followed up a robbery in Bonita Springs, Florida, with an apology text before his arrest on Wednesday.

Anthony Spinella of Power Motors Auto Brokers, Inc. in Bonita Springs said Romelson Faustin, 20, from Naples, had been a familiar face since September. After he was robbed at gunpoint, Spinella said he received a text from Faustin.

“He just said give me the money that’s in your pockets,” Spinella said. “So then he texted me about an hour - 45 minutes later. And the text said ‘Bro, I was on Mollies, I’m sorry.'” Faustin is now facing felony charges for robbery with a firearm and possession of cocaine.

He was arrested in a traffic stop in Fort Myers shortly afterwards. Spinella said Faustin, who was allegedly holding the gun during the robbery, and a second man got away with $400 in cash. But before that, Spinella said Faustin made three payments for a total of $600 towards a car from Power Motors Auto Brokers.

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