Tuesday, October 11, 2016

Birthday boy's balloon travelled 5,000 from north east England to Las Vegas

A boy’s birthday balloon travelled an incredible 5,000 miles across the Atlantic Ocean to Las Vegas.

Cole Bell, nine, sent off a balloon for his birthday on July 16 from his home in Gateshead, north east England, and the helium balloon was found more than 5,000 miles away by a couple in Las Vegas. His mother Lois Bell, 32, said almost every year they send off a balloon with Cole’s name, age and other details.

Lois said: “We send off a helium balloon almost every year, I think we only missed maybe a few times. I didn’t expect to hear anything back.” Then, last Saturday a postcard arrived for Cole. “I got up for work and I saw the postcard put through the door. I don’t know anyone from Las Vegas.

“Cole was very excited and surprised it travelled so far. It is such a lovely gesture that they took the time to acknowledge it was his birthday and send a message back.” The postcard addressed from a Chase and Bernie said they found the balloon with Cole’s name on it while walking their dog. They ended their note by wishing Cole to have an awesome day.

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