Friday, October 21, 2016

Deer crashed through window of computer repair shop before leaving the way it came in

A deer crashed through an eight-inch window at a computer repair shop in Elizabeth City, North Carolina, over the weekend. The deer leapt through the window at Expert PC just after noon on Sunday, smashing it to bits.

Due to the small size of the deer, the motion detectors in the store did not trigger, however police contacted one of the owners when they saw the broken window. Steve Baker, one of the owners of the PC repair shop, says that the deer was able to escape through the same window.

But not before tearing into the equipment they had in the back of the store, and ruining some of the carpet. Baker says that deer have never been a problem before. "That [deer] is the first one I have ever seen in town," said Baker. "They usually stay out but we are right across the street from a wooded area with fields."

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Thankfully the equipment that was damaged in the incident was not owned by any of their customers. Instead it was repaired merchandise that the store was hoping to resell. The damages are estimated to cost the shop around $5,000, but Baker is hopeful that insurance will cover it. Baker is just happy that the little bit of damage is all that occurred. "At least the deer didn't rob us."

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