Saturday, October 29, 2016

Guinea pig rescued from home fire given oxygen therapy for smoke inhalation by ambulance team

Firefighters launched a dramatic rescue from a flat and together with an ambulance team helped a furry resident. Crews arrived at 3.50pm on Wednesday and spent just over an hour tackling the fire which left the property in Southampton, Hampshire, badly damaged.

Steve Crammer, from Redbridge Fire Station, said crews from St Mary’s were first on the scene and were unsure if anyone was inside. When they went in they found a grey and black guinea pig and brought him out before handing him over to medics who gave him oxygen.

South Central Ambulance Service NHS Foundation Trust posted on its Facebook page: "Our Hazardous Area Response Team (Yellow Team) attended a house fire this afternoon in Hampshire. All occupants found safe and well though this little fella needed some oxygen therapy for smoke inhalation. We're expecting him to make a full recovery. Good work guys!"

A firefighter added: “He was shaking and breathing very heavily so we made him a little den in one of our equipment boxes so he had a nest in there for a bit. I have seen better looking guinea pigs but he was breathing so hopefully will make a recovery. Although he was grey already I think the stress may have made him a little greyer but I think the guinea pig will be good for another few years." Firefighters used two breathing apparatuses, one hose reel and ventilation techniques. Fire investigation officers are looking into the cause of the blaze.

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