Sunday, October 30, 2016

Mole's elaborate maze of tunnels under neatly manicured lawn exposed

The chaos a single mole can create under a neatly manicured lawn has been revealed. And what is more, the arty mole had the unfortunate honour of being the first of its kind in 22 years to be caught with just the hands of pest control expert Adam Leonard from Advance Pest Control Bristol.

Mr Leonard caught the creature in the garden of a home on Dundry Hill, near Bristol recently, and took pictures to show the damage a mole can do. "The neatly-laid turf is pulled back and everything there are the tunnels the mole has dug, and it really is remarkable when you see it like that," said Mr Leonard.

"Most people only realise they've got moles when they break through the surface and leave those little piles of earth, but they do untold damage to a nice lawn without doing that. I've been doing this 22 years and have seen the damage moles do. But in all that time I've only ever caught them using traps.

YouTube link. Alternative Facebook video link.

"This was the first time I caught one with my bare hands. I saw the earth moving, the grass twitching, and I fell to my knees and dug it out. The chap whose garden it was had just spent a couple of thousand pounds having it nicely turfed and wasn't best pleased with the mole problem," he added.


WilliamRocket said...

How about live and let live, share the bloody planet.

Ratz said...

I would hardly call that damage. It's what moles do. Sad little gimp. If you don't like that, go concrete over your garden or something.

Anonymous said...

Anybody want to talk about what damage a monocultured lawn does to wildlife, insects (esp. bees and butterflies)?

We have one idiot on the block whose watering system is still running, daily, and it's almost freakin' November. It ain't growin' season, fella!