Monday, October 03, 2016

Phone box that hasn't worked for two years will possibly be removed because it's not being used

A phone box that hasn't worked for the past two years is earmarked to be removed because BT has noticed it is not being used. The payphone, in Blaenycoed, north of Carmarthen, Wales, has been out of action since Ed Evans moved to the village 20 months ago.

And neighbours say it was down for around six months before he moved in. Mr Evans has made repeated calls to BT in the past 20 months, but it has never been repaired. "When we moved to Blaenycoed we didn't have a phone and the signal was bad, so I went to the phonebox to ring BT but it was dead.

"I reported it to BT, but a couple of months later it was still dead so I reported it again and again and this time someone come to have a look at it but it still didn't work. The consultation notice says to contact our local council, which I did but they knew nothing of it. I have seen people attempt to use it, but if it is not working they can't.

"If you've got one that works and people aren't using it then fair enough but this one has not worked for at least a couple of years." Now BT is consulting on its future, along with 177 others in Carmarthenshire, with a notice posted on it, saying: "Our information shows this phone box has had very little use over a significant period of time. We're therefore proposing to remove this phone box."

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Barbwire said...

Catch 22 logic. People don't use it because it isn't working, and the phone company is going to remove it because people don't use it.