Friday, October 07, 2016

Police appeal for information about mysterious panty planter

A sustained campaign involving underwear being placed beneath a tree outside a house in the east of Melbourne, Australia, has left police and the homeowner baffled. The resident of Surrey Hills has told law enforcement that knickers of various styles and sizes have been appearing in her front yard since 2014.

At least five times, the woman has found a pair of undies carefully laid out in the same spot at the base of a tree trunk. On the sixth occasion, a black lacy number was put inside the woman's letterbox. While mystery surrounds the origin of the multiplying smalls, police are unsure if an offence has even been committed.

If there is a crime to investigate, Senior Sergeant Mark Standish from Boroondara police said it could possibly be deemed offensive behaviour. "It's very strange. We get people pinching underwear, but ... I haven't seen anything like this," he said. The victim has told police that she doesn't have any enemies or people with grudges against her.

Senior Sergeant Mark Standish said that while the case may seem bizarre, this kind of behaviour can develop into more serious offending. "We're appealing for anyone who recognises their underwear to come forward," he said. "We'll get to the bottom of it." Anyone with information is asked to contact Boroondara police station.

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