Monday, October 24, 2016

Police called to hotel after reports that guests were throwing condoms out of the window

Police were called after guests were seen throwing condoms out of a hotel window in Manchester city centre. The disturbance occurred at an apartment hotel in the Piccadilly area of the city on Saturday morning.

GMP received several calls from nearby residents and businesses after items such as eggs, bottles, and condoms were seen being thrown out of upper floor windows which were landing on the street below.

Officers paid a visit to investigate shortly after 8:30am. After they arrived the group were ordered to leave the premises by hotel staff. Officers remained on the scene to prevent a potential breach of the peace. However it is understood they left without fuss and no arrests were made.

GMP City Centre tweeted saying: “Officers now dealing with report that guests in a hotel room are throwing eggs, bottles and condoms onto the street below. They later added: “Update - Officers attended and guests have now been kicked out by hotel staff.”

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