Saturday, October 22, 2016

Police issue sketch of would-be child kidnapper

An 11-year-old girl was riding her scooter in Imperial Beach, San Diego, on Wednesday when two men in a royal blue Ford F250 pulled over and tried to get her in the vehicle.

While she wasn't able to recall the license plate of the vehicle, she was able to provide a detailed description of the suspect who exited the vehicle. In that description are two distinctly visible tattoos. The first is an eye in the middle of the man's forehead. The second is a skull in the middle of his throat.

The San Diego Sheriff's Department said the attempted kidnapping happened at around 5:15pm. The girl told police that the man in the sketch was the passenger. She described him as a white man with slicked back salt and pepper hair and a large salt and pepper mustache. He is around 5'11" and approximately 180 pounds.

YouTube link.

She said he exited the truck and attempted to grab the child but she was able to escape to a nearby relative's home, uninjured. There is no description of the driver available at this time. Sheriff's are unsure of where the suspect's fled to after the attempted kidnapping. The suspect in the sketch is not known to the child. If you recognise the man in this sketch, call the Sheriff's Department.

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