Sunday, October 30, 2016

Police officer issued himself a ticket for running a red light

It’s Officer Tim Glover's job to review red light camera footage for Haines City Police Department in Florida. While doing so, he realised he was one of the people who’d run a red light. On his way to lunch on Sept. 8. he was making a left turn when the light changed to red, and the car he usually drives to enforce the law became the one he was in while breaking it.

Glover didn’t even know what he’d done until the footage came up on his computer about two weeks after the infraction. “Realised that the vehicle did look familiar, and I was hoping it wasn't mine, but I walked out and confirmed it was mine out here in the parking lot,” he said. Glover could've covered it up, but he turned himself in to his boss, who wrote him a ticket.

“I've always been taught that if you've done something wrong, to take responsibility for what you've done and accept your punishment,” Glover said. “In this part, it was paying the fine and getting my letter of reprimand.” Glover wants people to know most police officers are honest and do the right thing, and they're willing to pay the price if they make a mistake on a lunch break.

“It was a good sandwich, but it probably wasn't worth the 160-plus dollars I ended up paying for it,” he joked. After getting caught red-handed, Glover said he's going to make sure it doesn't happen again. Even though he did get a letter of reprimand, Acting Police Chief Jay Hopwood praised him for his honesty and integrity. “That’s what makes wearing the badge so important,” he said. “If you don’t have that, then your name is mud in law enforcement.”

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