Wednesday, October 26, 2016

Police smashed car window after wig on seat was mistaken for a child in danger

An unusual case of mistaken identity took place when a woman's wig was thought to be a child left in her car. Jasmine Turner, from Suffolk, Virginia, says she went out to the store on her work break when she got a call from police about an unresponsive child in her car.

"By the time I get from the Walmart back to my job, the police aren't there, but the window's busted out of my car and there's glass everywhere," says Turner. Except Turner doesn't have children. Turner says she left her wig on a pile of blankets in the backseat and that's what someone thought was a child.

But she says by the time she came back to her car, the police, and her window, were gone. "I really can't take my car anywhere because around Suffolk, anywhere as a matter of fact, you never know when somebody's just going to look in and be like, 'Oh, she has her window down, so I'm free to do whatever.'"

The police department say they notified Turner about the city's risk management division to get repairs for her car. "I just want my window fixed, and when I do get the window fixed, I need them to pay for me to either be in a rental or whatever the case is because I can't miss time off work," she says. "I have bills to pay."

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Shak said...

In all fairness, it actually does look like a child.