Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Schoolteachers arrested after a dinosaur that looks like a rat was drawn in wet concrete

Two teachers have been arrested for allegedly vandalising a piece of public property close to their school in Windsor, Vermont. Police say the pair caused more than a thousand dollars of damage. Windsor police say new concrete was poured for a sidewalk on Main Street as part of a community beautification project and that two area teachers chose to deface it.

Authorities say 29-year-old Abigail Howard and 35-year-old Jennifer Rist were warned to stay away from the wet concrete and that both later returned to deface the sidewalk before fleeing for a nearby building after being approached by the project foreman. The women reportedly drew what looked like a rat with the initials “J.R.” in the sidewalk.

The police chief says both work at Foundations Upper Valley, a school for students with special needs in Windsor, near the vandalised sidewalk. The carving caused approximately 1,500 dollars in damage. Howard commented on the incident on the WCAX Facebook page saying the drawing was supposed to be a dinosaur, something to engage her students during walks.

She went on to say, “In retrospect it was pretty stupid, but I didn't realise I would be hurting anyone. It was a drawing the size of my hand. Unfortunately, it's on a 3x3 foot block of cement, which they claim now needs to be replaced completely. Thus, 1000 dollars of damage. Was it smart? Heck no. I see that now. Was it meant to hurt anyone? Also no.” Both Howard and Rist are charged with unlawful mischief and are due in court in December.

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Anonymous said...

$1000? Yeah, sure. Pull the other one. Go to the hardware store, get some patch-up concrete, and just fix the damned thing. Sidewalks are meant to be utilitarian, not perfect works of art.

Some kind of reasonable fine is justified, of course.