Saturday, October 29, 2016

Sibling dispute ended with sister covered in butter and crab juice

A brother and sister from Florida got into a dispute earlier this month that ended with the sister covered in butter and crab juice, and her brother behind bars.

Arthur Toothill, 24, got into an argument with his sister at a Vero Beach-area home at 2:39pm on Oct. 17 over her allegedly owing him money.

Police said Toothill told them that during the argument he tossed a tray of food that landed on himself and his sister. Toothill’s sister disagreed, telling police that he “pushed her on a couch, threw food at her and hit her in the chest with a shirt.”

Police said the sister had butter on her upper body and a mark on her chest and neck from where Toothill hit her with the shirt. A witness told police that Toothill also threw a tray with crab juice on it at his sister’s face. He was arrested on a domestic battery charge.

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Ratz said...

I'd never even considered juicing a crab. I can't imagine it's very tasty or there's much in it for either the crab or me.