Friday, October 28, 2016

Squirrel that ransacked home detained by police

Christine Kiss had just returned to her home in Oak Bay, British Columbia, Canada, from a five week holiday to Europe with her husband when she noticed something wasn’t right. “I go up the stairs and I see the clock flipped over,” she said. As she ventured further, it got even stranger.

“The painting was crooked, the lamp shade was crooked.” The place was ransacked, but the worst was still to come. It only took one glance to see the den was a disaster. “It looked as if a leaf blower had gone through the whole den and just blown them all over the place,” said Kiss. The mystery deepened when Kiss noticed not a single item from the home was missing.

Kiss then noticed that her chocolate Easter eggs had been eaten, and there were peanut shells scattered everywhere. Then she discovered perhaps the biggest clue. “The kitchen counter was completely covered with poop,” she said. It was time to call in the professionals. Kiss called Oak Bay Police and told them her house was trashed. They arrived within ten minutes and eventually found the suspect hiding behind the washing machine.

It was a squirrel. Using a broom and a towel, the officers took the bushy-tailed villain into custody. The saga was over but there is a cautionary tale to this “squirrels gone wild”. The Kiss’s had been feeding a pair of squirrels all summer, who they affectionately named Wilhemina and Franklyn. “They come regularly they just sit there looking in the dining room door waiting for their peanuts,” she said. Kiss said she’s learned her lesson and will never feed squirrels again.

With video.

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Will-L said...

Ha, I have a very story. My wife is a wildlife rehabilitator, we had nursed and released a baby squirrel on our property. We left food out every day until we were sure the squirrel was able to forage enough food on its own.

After a few weeks we assumed the squirrel would be fine and went on a trip to the UK for 2 weeks. When we came back we found out the squirrel realized where we kept the food and nuts in a cabinet on the porch and chewed down the whole door. I only wished that the squirrel actually got to the food because she destroyed the door but gave up on the food.