Wednesday, October 05, 2016

Teenage girl accused of attempting to hire clown to murder teacher

A 13-year-old girl from Hampton, Virginia, has been arrested for allegedly contacting a person on social media to kill one of her teachers. Police say the person she contacted was using a clown image as their profile picture.

She allegedly asked this person to murder a teacher at Davis Middle School. “The profile that she contacted actually was using a clown as a profile picture and so using a clown related alias,” Officer Ashley Jenrette of Hampton Police said.

According to police, a dispatcher received a call on Sunday evening about a threat being made on social media, and the investigation resulted in the teenager’s arrest. Detectives contacted the teacher to make sure they were okay. Police say there is no evidence at this time indicating threats have been made against anyone else.

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The arrested girl has been charged with threatening to kill by electronic message. She is still being held in police custody. The Hampton City School district will examine the student’s future at the school. “We looked at prior discipline issues and so on, but basically the range is long-term suspension to expulsion,” Diana Gulotta from Hampton City Schools said.

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