Thursday, October 20, 2016

Woman allegedly stole shovel, chainsaw, pecan trees, fertiliser and a prom dress from neighbour

A woman from Freeport, Florida, is facing charges for allegedly stealing some unusual items from her neighbor's property. According to the Walton County Sheriff's Office, Skyler Anderson, 26, made off with her neighbour's shovel, electric leaf blower, chainsaw, two bags of Miracle Grow, three pecan trees, along with a prom dress and a vanity mirror.

Randall Brown called deputies at 7:35am on Sunday to report that he'd seen his neighbour Skyler "Sky" Anderson, "in his yard with his rake and a plastic bag." Brown told authorities that when he approached Anderson she went back to her house. He said he could see some of his belongings in Skyler's yard.

Responding deputies set up a perimeter around Anderson's home and waited while a search warrant was obtained. The deputies could clearly see items Brown had identified as stolen in the yard outside the home. "After several hours," the arrest report said, "Skyler came out of the home and was arrested."

She was charged with burglary of an unoccupied dwelling, burglary of an occupied dwelling and grand theft. The items she had stolen were inside Brown's workshop and carport. Anderson objected to being arrested by kicking at the windows and the partition of the patrol car in which she was placed. She also head butted and spit on the partition on the way to the Walton County Jail.

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