Sunday, November 06, 2016

City is using toilet paper to help repair cracked roads

The City of Littleton in Colorado is taking a unique approach to covering up the cracks in roads.

The Douglas County city is placing toilet paper over freshly sealed paved areas to keep the tar in place and off people’s cars and tyres.

The tar used for sealing is sticky and doesn’t dry quickly. Placing toilet paper over the cracks meshes with the sealant and also happens to be cheap. And the biodegradable paper breaks down and disappears in a matter of days.

YouTube link.

Kelli Narde, a spokeswoman for Littleton, said the real benefit of using toilet paper is that it allows traffic to retake the road right after a crack is filled. “It means traffic has better access because we don’t have to close down a street to do the sealing,” she said.

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